How can I get better pressure?

There are multiple things that can cause low pressure. Sometimes, it is just a simple matter of re-setting the pressure controls on your pump system. Another cause can be under-sized, or corroded pipes. A pump that is too small can also fail to generate enough pressure, especially when you start using more water. The final cause can be using more water than your well can produce. We can troubleshoot your system and determine the cause for low pressure and the best way to fix it.

Is there anything that can be done to improve my smelly/stinky water?

Yes! Usually stinky water is caused by hydrogen sulfide, the "rotten egg" gas. This can be removed by spraying water into a tank and letting it off-gas into the atmosphere, or by oxidizing it with either a catalyst, or by adding an oxidizer to the water. The best solution depends your water quality and personal preferences.

I am running out of water, can I get more?

If you are running out of water it means that either your pump is smaller than you need, or that your well produces less water than you need.  To fix this, you can install a larger pump, rehabilitate your well, add storage, or drill a new well, depending on your unique situation and values.

I am on a public water system and don't want the chlorine, can it be removed?

Yes, we can remove chlorine by installing a carbon filter.  This is basically a giant "britta" filter and is very effective.

How long should my pump last?

The average life of a well pump is about 15 years, although we sometimes see pumps last much, much longer.  Often times the failure of a pump is caused by the failure of another component.  When a bladder tank goes bad, for example, it causes the pump to cycle too frequently, leading to pre-mature pump failure.  Therefore, checking your bladder tank, pressure switch, controller and other components on a regular basis will protect your pump and get a longer life out of your most expensive water system components.  We provide an annual check-up service if you are uncomfortable, or do not have the time to check your system regularly.

I see some green staining in my sink.  What is this from?

Blue or green staining is from copper.  This is caused when corrosive water (usually slightly acidic water that is soft) dissolves copper plumbing from the inside-out.  It is very important to address this right away before a major re-plumb of your house is needed.  There are multiple ways to correct corrosive water, with the best method depending on your individual water quality and personal values.